Yoga for anxiety and panic attacks

Yoga for anxiety and panic attacks
If you have the need to do something about anxiety or panic attack, I invite you to watch these videos and use the information to help you improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.  

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Education Crisis Becomes Official in Sacramento

Edukation Crysis Becomes O’feecial in Sakramento
Violators of this city code may have a way to get off from paying the citation. Violators can be upfront and say that because they are
violators and not violaters, they are not required to pay the citation. This is a perfect teachable moment where the
l ittle guy can act like a corporation; loophole heaven does open up for anyone who wants to see the light. These signs can be found
near the tunnels, between downtown Sacramento and Old Sacramento.


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Sciatic pain

Imagine someone shooting bullets from the inside of you buttocks, knees, and calfs. The pain can increase by any sudden movement of the hip, knee, or foot. After a month of excruciating pain, numbed only with Advil, I decided to seek help at the local non-profit clinic. It is difficult to get an appointment much less to get straight answers, so I decided to
go to the ER at the local hospital instead. The whole check up time took five hours. My vital signs were taken at the beginning of my visit and also at the end. During my visit, I took over ten x-rays of my leg, had an ultrasonic done on my arteries, and provided a urine sample that frankly surprised the nurse. It it interesting to note that taking vitamin B before giving a urine sample is not that appealing. In the end, my doctor said everything came out normal, but he did recommend for me to go to LA County Hospital to follow up with a physical therapist, who might confirm if I tore my muscle and my tendon. Oh yes, according to an out-patient who was having a smoke outside the hospital, she said I might have problems with my sciatic nerve. She advised to get a lawyer to access the SIS insurance, which amounts to $900 per month. I thought back to the two times I could have collected from LAUSD for worker’s comp and from UCLA for slipping on campus stairs. Both times, there were plenty of witnessed to corroborate the accident, but both times I decided to take care of it myself. So I left the hospital with a prescription for Tylenol #3. I realized that there were no other options to explore besides prescription drugs and a LA County visit. Then it dawned on me the Yahoo might have the answer to my pain. To be frank, I used google to do my search. But Yahoo seems to carry more respectability in the name. My initial search provided a youtube video link. Sukie Baxter shares one way to stretch that can help alleviate sciatic nerve pain. I decided to give it a try, and found it helpful.

On my second search I found a longer video by Jen Hilman. This is definitely an excellent instructional yoga video that shows poses or movements that can help alleviate sciatic pain. has an interesting and helpful article about sciatica. The following is an excerpt.
“Natural remedies to treat sciatica

• Visit a chiropractor: Research and countless testimonials have proven that chiropractic adjustments are key to help not only manage sciatic pain, but also correct the root cause.

• Live a stress-free life: Whether meditation, prayer, or tai chi, find your “happy place” and stay there. Stress is the number one killer in the world and causes muscle tightness, inflammation, and a slew of other issues that will aggravate sciatica.

• Eat an anti-inflammatory diet: A diet rich in foods like turmeric, ginger, garlic, kelp, and sweet potatoes are key to pain reduction and chronic disease reversal”

Another option is this set of exercises.

For Natural Pain Killing Foods
Check out

For those who are more advanced in stretching, this video might provide a more challenging way to alleviate the sciatic pain.

Another option


Yoga exercises – “Cat-Cow”

“Plank Pose”

“Downward Facing Dog”

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